January 28, 2017

Lessons from Shrek aka The “layered” approach

Remember the Andy Griffith Show? The entire town of Mayberry seemed to know and help each other whenever there was a need. I didn’t watch the show a ton, but the biggest threat to their lives seemed to be a town drunk being goofy and needing to sober up in a jail cell for the night. 

How times have changed.

Today, we need to add layers to protect ourselves and our property. Outside doors are locked and deadbolted, outdoor windows are locked, outdoor security systems are installed to monitor unauthorized opening of doors and windows, indoor security cameras monitor all sorts of movement, and police patrol our neighborhoods night and day. It can be a scary world at times, and you need to have the same layered approach to your network and data.

To start off, any business that accesses the internet needs strong firewall appliance or secure VPN tunnel to block intruders and to encrypt your network data. Next would be to add a quality antivirus, antimalware, and ransomware solution. Keeping all your Windows/Mac/Linux software and any third-party applications (flash/Java/etc) up to date and patched as well as changing your passwords regularly would be next, but the biggest security hole in any company is its users. You can have all the security in the world in place, but to quote a line from Jurassic Park, “Life always finds a way.” That innocent person behind the keyboard, who is browsing to an innocent site or reading an innocent looking email, if they happen click on the right malicious link or ad, bam, you’re network and all your data is compromised. It’s really that simple.

If you’re not confident that your business is protected from malicious intent, or would like to have your employees trained in internet and email safety, let us help you keep your business safe!

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